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18 comments on “My Guest Book

  1. birgit says:

    Fantastic blog. So glad I found this. Have no clue how I found it, but so glad I did.

  2. Marrissa says:

    I enjoyed reading some of the stories about your dad. It’s hard to lose those we love, but it seems you took very good care of him during his illness.


    • jehingr says:

      Thank you for the kind words. It was tough, but at the same time it was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I was truly blessed to be able to share all of that time with him.

  3. Michele says:

    For the past few days I have grappled with the terrible duty of having to say good-bye to my wonderful dog and companion for eleven years. I know it has to be done, yet the pain is worse than I thought it would be. I found your blog after I googled, “How do I know when It’s time to put my dog down?” Your post has helped me immensely. I’m glad it was there for me to find. Michele

    • Judy Ferguson says:

      It is good to know that I am not the only person having to make this awful discussion. My thoughts and prayers are with you and you’re beloved.

  4. Judy Ferguson says:

    Thank you so much for your blog. I too am trying to understand when I will know it is time to put my beloved Harley down. Your kind words have helped me a
    lot. I know we will meet again soon. Your father was a wise man.

  5. ogreenleaf says:

    Thank you for being here. I just put ‘little boy dragon’ down last monday and want to have him remembered ‘out here’ in some small way (all though he is big in my heart). This makes me feel as i am talking to him (better than in my head). Run boy run… and now you are no longer blind nor tied to that lease so walk freely and escape thru the gate as you always wanted (and did a few times) lay in the grass and warm sunshine ….you are free and no longer tied to my needs ….love light and truth dear ‘little boy dragon’

  6. Mandy Cantwell says:

    Your blog was of great comfort to me as we struggled with the unbearable decision to have our beloved collie Shiloh put to sleep today she was 15 yrs old. It is a huge loss and I will miss her everyday.

  7. Susan Shuhi says:

    I found your blog on Rudy’s Story – Canine Nasal Cancer Actually our dog Max is dealing with a nasal tumor which is attached to his brain. Since being diagnosed in May he is doing alright on pedisone. Last night he had a bad night with his breathing. Your article has helped and put into prospective when we will have to make a life or death decision in his life.

  8. Kimberly D Bollinger says:

    Thank -you for the wonderful story of the old man and his dog walking the road to heaven! Today I put my almost 14 year old Ms. Shao Tao down due to complications of her diabetes. Your article made it easier and with my faith and prayers I am at peace on my decision! You see that her sister who she had been with since birth passed away 17 days ago and though I did not consider Shao Tao grieving, I believe her sister needed her to rest and play again! God Bless You!

  9. My darling Labrador is very sick right now, and we don’t know whether we should let him go….Its the hardest and most heartbreaking decision I have ever been faced with in my life.
    He wags his tail and is eating and drinking, yet he has gone blind totally and bumps into everything which is heartbreaking to watch… he is just a bag of skin and bones now so obviously no nutrients are entering his body via the food.
    he sleeps much of the time, and yet is happy to walk a short distance on the leash carefully.
    we cannot make the decision just yet and want to spend some more precious time with him….I don’t know if that makes us cruel, but I feel he isn’t in any pain at the moment and I hope and pray I shall know exactly when the time will be right for the trip to the vets for that final time.
    I never thought this would be so difficult.

    • jehingr says:

      Only you know what is best for your dog. Look into your heart & ask if you are doing this for him or you. If you are doing it for him then it isn’t time yet.

  10. Nancy says:

    Thank you so very much this is what I needed to hear, I am totally second guessing myself thinking I am not doing enough for her when i owe over 600.00 now and she is just getting worse every day. She can not get up or walk on her own and she is not a small dog. She only eats chicken and can not even get to her own water. But she sits up so pretty and just looks around.

  11. Julie says:

    Still not sure what to do with my old pup, but I am grateful for the story and wisdom. Thank you 🙂

  12. Di Wilson says:

    My heart was hurting for my daughter-in-law who is having a great struggle letting her pet Joss go. As much as I love and feel for A’s pain I know Joss is not wanting to continue unable to be a pet dog. Thanks for the inspiration of the “Rainbow Bridge”–I have always know pets go to a place where they can be the best they were meant to be — now I have a name for it.

  13. Anna Horton says:

    glad I stubbled upon your blog. I googled “the lie of hospice” and your column came up. I am anti-hospice for perhaps different reasons, but I will read more of your blog and perhaps discover we have that in common, too. Love your writing. It’s been awhile since I enjoyed writing. condolences.

  14. gscott says:

    Your “the lie of hospice” column – so true.

  15. marjorie Stackpole says:

    It is hard to type thru tears, thank you so much Buttercup is my great love and I want what is best for her. God bless your sharing soul.

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