Why We Do What We Do


2 comments on “Why We Do What We Do

  1. Sharon says:

    Wow, that is never easy to watch and it brings tears to my eyes to see dogs die because of stupid human choices. And personally, if a “boyfriend didn’t like my dog”, guess who would be out the door in a heartbeat …

    I have missed your blog, and 30,756 hits? That’s a lot of people, I will have to stop by here more often, you always post good stuff even if it is sometimes the hard truth. Thanks Jim for all you do with Save Our Setters.

  2. Valynda says:

    Awsome, I adopted my dog from a high kill shelter, and you know, I could not ask for a better friend/companion – he just goes to show that beautiful wonderful things can be found in dark and dismal places.

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