Angel’s Gate Animal Hospice

I wandered across this at the Angel’s Gate Hospice site.  It touched me, and I wanted to share it with as many animal lovers as I could.  Please visit their site, and thank them for posting this.

Animal Hospice Guidelines
1. Be present and be in the moment with me.
In the moment of now we will write the final
chapter of my life.
Your presence is everything. Listen to me
with your heart.
2. I have a right to compassionate, considerate,
respectful care. Choose for me a veterinarian
who will honor me physically, emotionally
and spiritually. One who will listen to you
because you are my advocate and no one loves
me as you do.
Choose a veterinarian who will offer her or
his wisdom so that you can make informed decisions
regarding my care.
3. Keep me free from pain and symptoms so that
I may enjoy my day and the precious time I
have left with you.
Seek to understand the different types of
pain I may have. Look for enthusiasm in my
eyes as a gage.
Celebrate my life with me till the very end!
4. Keep me well nourished so that my body will
have the fortitude that it needs to fight
disease and energy to function.
Offer me my favorite foods to entice me to
eat but honor my decision, should I choose
not to eat.
5. Keep me well hydrated; for this will keep
me in balance with the universe.
6. Keep me warm and comfortable. I will need
to be bathed more frequently-maybe several
times a day. My favorite bed and blanket gives
me security and lets me feel safe. I want
to smell fresh air and to feel the warmth
of the sun on my face.
I want to hear the softness of your voice
reassuring me of my importance in your life.
7. Let me stay active and continue to be a
part of the family I love so dearly. I want
to go for rides in the car, and long walks
on the beach, and snuggle with you on the
couch while we watch TV. Keep fun in our day.
8. Touch me. Your loving hands have fed me,
played with me, comforted me and now give
me strength. Linger just a little longer as
you scratch my ear. Your touch lets me know
you are there and gives me assurance that
you care.
9. Give me permission to leave- I need to hear
those words from you- I need to know you will
be OK. Let me go.
Know it is my time even if it seems like it
is too soon. Support me as I take my final
10. If there comes a time when you know that
I am suffering please euthanize me. I trust
that you will always make the right decision
for me for I am the blood of your heart. Be
with me- I want you to be my last vision.
11. As there has been great joy in our life
together now let there be joy in my passing.
Cherish and be thankful for our happy moments
together. Promise to keep my memory alive
in all you do everyday.

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