You Don’t Have Health Insurance

This is indeed a bold statement.  But if you are an American under the age of 65 (or otherwise not on Medicare) you don’t have health insurance.

Phantom Health Insurance Policy

Phantom Health Insurance Policy

Now, before you start trying to yell me down like a whacko nut-job right wing conservative Christian thug trying to protest a town hall meeting, please hear me out.

If you don’t have a government provided health care plan (insurance) the plain truth is that you do not have health insurance.

O.K. – I hear you shouting “But I have a great insurance plan through work.”  That probably means that you don’t use your plan much, but for the sake of this discussion, I’ll accept your premise.  You currently have great health insurance through your job.  But tell me, do you have “job insurance?”  Because if you don’t, then you don’t really have health insurance.  The moment your job is over, or your employer can no longer afford to subsidize that great plan, you lose your insurance.  Sure there is COBRA, but if you are without a job, how are you going to pay the COBRA rates for your great health insurance?

Im sorry, your policy doesnt cover any actual health care

I'm sorry, your policy doesn't cover any actual health care

“But I buy private insurance” you say.  I say, so what.  Try to use that insurance and you’ll find out that you don’t really have any health insurance.  Sure the insurance companies, benevolant, generous corporations that they are, will tell you that they only rescind a tiny fraction of a percentage of their policies.  But if you aren’t a whacko nut-job right wing conservative Christian, or even if you are but you somehow have aquired mathematical skills beyond the second grade level, you can puzzle out the math here.  It’s true that the insurance companies, benevolant, generous corporations that they are, only rescind a tiny fraction of a percentage of their policies.  Of course, that just coincidentally happens to be the same tiny fraction of a percentage of their policy holders who actually need the insurance companies to pay out for some sort of catastrophic illness.  Yes, you may have private insurance, unless you need it – then the generous, benovelent corporations will rescind your policy and voila – you don’t have health insurance either.

If you can actually think for yourself, instead of following hate radio, Sarah “Quitter” Palin, Fox News or some other whacko nut-job right wing conservative Christian “news” source – you will instantly come to the conclusion that we must have health care reform.  And if you can’t think for yourself, please let me think for you instead of some whacko nut-job right wing conservative Christian pundit.


9 comments on “You Don’t Have Health Insurance

  1. Just a quick note to let you know I agree entirely and blogged my shock and awe at Ms. Palin’s comments yesterday as well.

  2. Gavin, South Africa says:

    Why pay someone else to insure your health when in fact you control your own health anyway? Taking out ANY kind of health insurance is simply affirming your belief that it is inevitable that you will get ill and will need a company to bail you out on the medical costs.

    I think compulsory ‘health care’ insurance (itself a misnomer, ‘cos it’a all about sickness anyway, not about health) … compulsory insurance is an infringement of people’s rights. It means that the healthy are subsidising the sickly who bring on their own ill-health anyway, if not through their behaviour or their thought patterns, then through their own state of consciousness. And that too is their own creation.

    If someone chooses to smoke all his life, or drink alcohol, or eat badly, why should healthy people be forced to subsidise the costs of treating him for cancer, or TB?

    People, look after your own health. And if you mess up, pay your own medical costs. Wow! That would change the world, wouldn’t it!

    • jehingr says:

      Gavin, that may make sense in your country, I don’t know. But you make at least one false assumption here – that all “sickness” is caused by bad behavior. That is patently false. In my country, you basically cannot see a doctor without health insurance. So if you happen to contract an “sickness” like appendicitis and don’t have health insurance you’ll probably need to declare bankruptcy and/or lose your home.

      That’s a civilized way to live.

      • Gavin, South Africa says:

        Hi there. Actually, I didn’t say that all “sickness” is caused by bad behaviour. I added … “or their thought patterns or their own state of consciousness. And that too is their own creation.”

        I accept that what I said sounds a bit harsh, and that in the world in which we live, and the collective consciousness, that is a very difficult concept to buy into. So everyone must do what their own situation suggests is the best course of action.

        Incidentally, most economically active people in South Africa do have some form of ‘medical aid’ insurance through their employers. However, I myself do not have an employer and I also do not have health insurance at all … by conscious decision. It doesn’t ‘pay’ me to. I would be paying the premiums unnecessarily and it would cost me more than any medical expenses I incur.

        But I take your point.

        • jehingr says:

          Now I understand. You are simply spamming my blog trying to sell your holistic hocus-pocus. Fine. I’ll leave your comments, but delete your commercial link.

          And by the way, I do believe that it is nearly inevitable that most people will get sick. And quite frequently through no fault of their own. And paying some hocus-pocus schill to con them out of money that could be used for legitimate health care (whether insured or not) is just plain wrong. And the con man, that would be you, should be ashamed of their evil actions.

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  4. Gavin, South Africa says:

    Wow! Sorry my post angered you so much. Feel free to delete the entire thread seeing that’s how you interpret my motives. And I mean that. Please delete the lot, really. Sorry I visited.

    For the record, I happened upon your blog because I was checking out WordPress to see if it was something I could use for a website I need to revamp. I saw your post and decided to comment. The posting block had fields for my name, email address and URL. So I filled them in. Simple.


  5. Brenda says:

    Michael Moore’s documentary on USA health care system was an eye opener for me, but I have been hearing about it for many years from Americans I have met – I mean it is shocking. One man I met was in serious debt because his wife required so much medical attention before she passed on.

    As a Canadian I can’t relate – we enjoy socialistic benefits – although I’m not sure that is a better way.

    I personally enjoy creating my life ahead of me especially now that I’m getting better and better at manifesting what I want.

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