Enough Already!

So Micheal Jackson is dead.  He passed away Thursday.  He was a celebrity, so I guess that was news on Thursday.

I haven’t cared much for his music since he hit puberty and left his brothers behind.  O.K.  Apparently a lot of people do like his music, but then again McDonald’s sells a lot of hamburgers.  It doesn’t make them great hamburgers.

As far as I’m concerned, he’s a dead, drug-addicted, child molester.  And one less drug-addicted child molester in the world is a good thing.

Congress held a moment of silence for his passing.  Is this some new productivity plan on the part of our law makers?  Are they going to have a moment of silence every time a drug-addicted child molester passes?  I just don’t get it.

And why is this still news?  Why is it the only story on the news?  Is there nothing else happening anywhere in the world other than the story that a drug-addicted child molester died three days ago?



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