How To Fix The Economy – Part 2

It’s too bad that we can’t make this one retroactive, because it is so simple and delicious.

We just need a new IRS regulation.  It says quite simply that if you work for a company that accepted governement bailout money, and you receive a bonus – the income tax rate on that bonus is 100%.

Yes, I’m talking about you, assholes.

AIG - We Just Dont Get It

AIG – We Just Don’t Get It


One comment on “How To Fix The Economy – Part 2

  1. Jax says:

    AIG = Allowing Irreversible Greed.
    AIG = All in Greed.
    AIG = Arn’t I Greedy.
    AIG = A$#holes, in general.

    This is sick. Why in the world are we helping these companies that keep sending millions to people who do not know how to run a company? They cry yet get paid millions on the “average joes” taxes. Furthermore, I fear this is just the tip of the iceberg. Look what Enterprise rent-a-car did to get bailout funds:

    Not to make excuses for these people, but the bailouts are making crooks out of everyone that touches the money.

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