How To Fix The Economy?

First off, I’m not an economist, nor do I play one on TV.  But I’ve been watching the news and thinking – always a dangerous combination.  I have particularly made note of the morons at AIG and other giant financial firms who think that the bailout money is free goodies to throw a party with.  I’ve also noted that two of President Obama’s cabinet appointees have had trouble with their tax returns.

This led me to develop the first two prongs of what I’m calling Jim’s Economic Fix.

Step One: Hire a bunch of new IRS auditors, on temporary contracts.  Send them after every executive, officer, and manager at each and every one of the financial firms that took our tax dollars as government bail out money.  Besides providing jobs for IRS auditors, I’m willing to bet that these morons do some serious cheating on their taxes.  Let’s go get that money back!  Fines and penalties for all of them!

Let them see how it feels.

Let them see how it feels.

Step Two: Hire another bunch of IRS auditors, again on temporary contracts.  Send them after each and every Senator and Congress-critter in Washington.  It is obvious that a fairly high percentage of the best and brightest of the bunch are cheating on their taxes (or at least making honest mistakes, cough, cough).  Let’s get that money back!  And when they are through on Capitol Hill, let’s turn them lose on elected state officials in each and every state of the union.

So in two simple steps, we can provide a bunch of temporary jobs – and regain a lot of missing tax money.  And it has the added bonus of putting elected officials on notice that we are watching them.

Now, I’m off to watch some more newscasts and figure out the next step in Jim’s Economic Fix.

Prop it up…


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