The Stupidity Never Stops

Perhaps the dumbest sign in America.

Perhaps the dumbest sign in America.

Apparently, at least for some folks, stupidity cannot be cured.  Take for example Pastor Mark Holick and the congregation of the First United Church of Morons Spirit One Christian Center in Kansas City.  They have put up this charming sign to let everybody passing by know that they don’t even possess the intelligence of an average Fox News viewer.  They even manage to make Gayle Quinnell look intelligent.

The good folks at Mahalo have the story, along with facts, citations, links, and video here.  Beside the obvious questions about their tax exempt status, this makes me wonder what these whacko nut jobs think of all of the countries across the globe whose leaders are not Christian.  Do they think that we should raise a holy war or Crusade against these countries?  Should we nuke China, or Indonesia, or Israel, or Iraq?  Does their god (I will not capitalize their god, he is certainly not my God) demand that the whole world be Christian?  And what flavor of Christian?  Are Catholics acceptable?  How about Mormons?  Would they have a similar sign if Mitt Romney had become president?

These extreme right-wing evangelical whacko nut jobs give all religions a bad name.

I hope that 1) the entire congragation decides to share their 7 brain cells and leaves the Center (it shouldn’t really be called a Church), and 2) the IRS revokes their tax exempt status.  Yes, this is America – and we have room for all sorts of uninformed, ignorant opinions.  But there is no reason for taxpayers to subsidize these nut jobs.

Prop It!


7 comments on “The Stupidity Never Stops

  1. Mike Harmon says:

    I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. erleargonza says:

    Agreed. What enormous stupidity. Not only are they wackoes, they are demonic in mindset. The problem is that they are hiding inside their churches. AntiChrist minds are actually attracted to fundamentalist church dogma, across all religions this is so. Their intolerance is a way of transferring their guilts unconsciously on the Bogey Man, eg Muslims, Chinese, Soviets, Blacks, Immigrants, and so on.

  3. Carol says:

    Mark Holick is sick. He needs attention. He’s ignorant of truth. He’s evil. More ppl love what Obama stands for and anyone who comes up with crap like what this phoney “minister” and I use the term lighly, comes up with, is just as insane. I’m disappointed CNN spent air time on him, then again, it helped to illustrate to us how brain dead this Holick is. He is a spokeman for satan and I don’t even believe in Satan!!!

  4. Frankee says:

    I guess that nobody can be saved then. The bible says if you ask Jesus Christ into your heart, making him your savior, you will be saved, have your name in the book of life. I guess as far as Mark Holick and his church is concerned those scriptures don’t apply to Obama the president-elect of US. Mark Holick is then the judge of what makes somebody a Christian, and must be reading a different bible. I guess it’s up to Holick to say if somebody is a Christian or not. The bible must be incorrect according to him.

  5. Ram says:

    Obama is a christian.
    Mark says he is a muslim. That is a blatant lie.
    Where do liers who knowingly tell a lie and that too to intentionally hurt others, go?
    I am not sure Christ will invite them to his kingdom.

  6. Cade Adams says:

    Was linked to your blog searching Gayle Quinnell online, shocked to see more ignorant fueled hatred. Who would think that the most advanced country in modern History could be peopled by so much powerful idiots, there are idiots everywhere but The Powerful American Christian idiots like the Nazi are mostly White-male not educated and very unhappy with their life thus seek refuge in faith.

  7. […] fourteenth century religious maniacs in Teheran, stop and think. You needn’t go quite that far from home to find deeply profound evil masquerading as moral […]

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