A Bit of Relevant Comic Book History

It’s no secret that I’m a secret comic book geek.  One of the sites that I check regularly is Don Markenstein’s Toonopedia.  It is an absolute treasure trove of information on all things ‘toon – comics, TV cartoons, movie shorts, etc.




Today Mr. Markenstein published an entry about Lobo – the first black comic book character to rate his own comic book.  My brother and I had the first issue of this book – we were big western fans before we discovered superheroes the following year with the advent of Batman on TV.  It is sad that in 1965 retailers refused to put this comic on the racks simply because it featured a black man. But it didn’t bother my brother and I. Not that we were particularly liberal or enlightened, but simply because we were used to cheering for another black hero – Bobo Brazil – every Saturday morning on Big Time Wrestling.



Bobo Brazil punishes The Sheik

Bobo Brazil punishes The Sheik

In this historic year, where a black man (with an Arabic name no less) has the potential to become the President of the United States of America, it is certainly educational to look back on how far we’ve come in the last 43 years – Gayle Quinnell not withstanding.  


Check out the Toonopedia entry on Lobo.


One comment on “A Bit of Relevant Comic Book History

  1. Zen Master Dod says:

    My friend, you knew I had to respond to a post that featured both comics AND wrestling!

    We’ve come so far in this world, and every time I see footage of that Gayle person, I am the dumber for it. It boggles my mind that there are still people today who are so afraid of moving forward, they shroud their cowardice and fear in blind ignorance. Seriously: life is not rocket science. It should be embraced, not feared.

    I’ve said it before: there seem to be a lot of people (say, trolls, for example) who INSIST everyone else think the way they do, because to imagine that people could be different or diverse is just too much effort. There are places they may find more suited to their one-track mindset where the freedom to disagree isn’t tolerated by the powers-that-be, such as North Korea or Iran. They can move there. They won’t be missed. At least then, they wouldn’t have to worry about people disagreeing with them. Maybe they do believe in freedom, but only if it’s for themselves.

    Off my soapbox, now…I love Toonopedia! I could browse through there for hours and it really is a series of snapshots of American history.

    My brother and I grew up on Bobo Brazil. He was our hero every Saturday because he “was the only one The Sheik was afraid of.” His race never occurred to us. He was our hero, the good guy, fighting a bad guy who used fire and made people bleed. It wasn’t until later in life we realized how much Bobo had to overcome, and that made him even more of a hero.

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