Words Fail Me – Updated

I keep promising myself not to write another political post, but then something like this comes across on my radar screen and I can’t help myself.

Check out this clip.  Pay particular attention to the woman who shows up to ask a question at the 50 second mark.

I don’t know whether to be sad, ashamed, frightened, or angry.  I guess I am angry that this woman’s vote counts the same as mine!  Really!  She can’t trust Barack Obama because he’s “an Arab.”  Oh – My – God!  Apparently the day that this woman was in line for brains, the store was closed, because she doesn’t have the intelligence that…  Oh, words are failing me.  Apparently stupid people actually believe this crap.  And stupid people get to vote.  And apparently they are voting McCain because he isn’t “an Arab.”

And how about that John McCain? What a noble guy. Apparently he and his ethically challenged running mate, Sarah “Guilty” Palin have figured out that their hateful speeches to their racist, right wing, evangelical, whacko, nut job supporters are akin to “falsely shouting FIRE in a crowded theatre.” And while I’m not a lawyer, according to the Supreme Court, in Whitney v. California (see Sarah, it does pay to know a couple of Supreme Court cases), if it could be proven that they incited one of their racist, right wing, evangelical, whacko, nut job supports to actually make an attempt on Barack Obama‘s life they could be found criminally responsible. Wouldn’t that make this an historic election year?

Anyhow, about that John McCain fellow. In the above clip he says a lot of the right things about respecting a fellow Senator, etc. The same things that he’s been saying all along about running a “respectful campaign.” Of course, saying one thing and doing the opposite is apparently O.K. if you’re going after a black, Muslim, domestic terrorist.

Words simply fail me.


*** UPDATE ***

This moron has a name, Gayle Quinnell.  She has the “facts” because she got a letter from “a woman.”  And as a volunteer worker at the McCain headquarters, she has sent out some 400 letters explaining the “facts.”  This is a real “gotta see it to believe it” deal.


8 comments on “Words Fail Me – Updated

  1. andrean says:

    How much better are you to call the woman a moron?

  2. jehingr says:

    The question of whether or not Barack Obama is an “Arab” is a matter of fact. His father was Kenyan. That is a fact. Kenyan = African. African does not equal Arabian. His mother was Anglo-Saxon. That is a fact. Anglo-Saxon does not equal Arabian. Thus, Barack Obama is not an Arab. The “fact” that she got a letter from “a woman” stating that Barack Obama is “an Arab” is clearly false. And for her to not only believe that, but to ACTING AS A MCCAIN VOLUNTEER – publish that “fact” and send it to 400 people is pretty much proof that the woman is a moron.

    I feel fine calling her a moron, because she is.

    And of course, your comments would have more weight behind them if you used a valid e-mail address. Instead, you hide behind a fake address – because you do not have the courage of your convictions. That makes you either a troll or a McCain Republican.

    I like trolls better.

  3. seattlesharon says:

    Thank you! I couldn’t have said it better, so I linked to you on my blog. Pinch me.. is all of this really happening???

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  6. Leigh Quinnell says:

    That is NOT her address or her phone number! It is mine. My last name is Quinnell but I am not related to Gayle and I dont know her and I certainly do not share her views!! Please stop posting this on the internet.

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  8. RaiulBaztepo says:

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    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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