Rope Wars

While I’m on the subject of overly indulgent video of our Irish Setters here is some badly barely edited footage of the one-eyed wonder SUE locked in mortal combat with foster girl DANNI for possession of the world’s greatest prize – the Rope!

They really can do this for hours at a time, so please forgive me for not editing it down further.  I hope you enjoy this.

DANNI is available for sponsoring, or you can apply to adopt at Save Our Setters.


One comment on “Rope Wars

  1. Zen Master Dod says:

    You know me, if dogs are going to play like this for hours, I’ll probably watch them for hours!

    I wish we were in a position to take a sweet girl like Danni, but I will keep my eyes and ears open in my neck of the woods for anyone who is.

    I love in the video how, when Danni is distracted by the camera, Sue nudges her with the rope to keep the “rope wars” going.

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