DANNI has been Adopted!


DANNI is ready to go meet her forever family

DANNI is ready to go meet her forever family

Our foster girl DANNI has been adopted!  Save Our Setters has lined up what seems to be a perfect forever home for DANNI.  I will be delivering her to her new family on Saturday.


While Dad & I are of course a bit sad about DANNI leaving us, we are thrilled to see her go to a great home and a great family.  

SUE and DANNI share a game of Rope

SUE and DANNI share a game of Rope

SUE will miss her little foster sister as well.  


DANNI’s story is a great success story for animal rescue in action.

But the story does not begin and end with this success.  Unfortunately the supply of abandoned dogs at shelters, hoping against hope to be adopted before their time runs out, vastly exceeds the capacity of the rescue system.  We will be picking up a new dog to foster for Save Our Setters on the way home from delivering DANNI.

Thankfully Save Our Setters, and many other groups like them, are doing what can be done to stem the tide.  Ultimately though, only the continuing education of dog owners will put an end to the need to kill so many abandoned dogs on a daily basis.

But enough of that.  For the rest of DANNI’s time with Dad, SUE, & I we are going to be celebrating DANNI’s success!


2 comments on “DANNI has been Adopted!

  1. Zen Master Dod says:

    My friend, what you’re doing is one of the most honorable things. It takes a lot of heart to not only take a foster dog in to shower it with love and caring (the way all pets should be treated), but to care enough to have to say goodbye when they’re taken in by a permanent family.

    Keep up these blogs, because it’s a bright spot in the world to see these dogs treated so well!

    I’m not surprised, though. Sadie and Gizmo gravitated to you when you’d visit because they can sense a friend!

  2. JIm Hall says:

    Hi Jim, from one Jim to another, great blog! You should check out my show at http://www.cult-pop.com.

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