Have Fun & Contribute to a Good Cause


Our nightly addiction

Our nightly addiction

I am a huge trivia geek, I get it from my father.  We “play” Jeopardy each night after dinner and the competition between us can get quite fierce.  But Jeopardy is only the tip of our trivia addiction.  Dad even stumped me with perhaps the most trivial of trivia question a while back.

Dad asked me for the etymology of “trivia.”  He absolutely gloated over stumping me on this one.  I’ll put the answer at the end of this post, so you’ll have time to think about it.

In the meantime, I’ll share with you an interesting crossroad between two of my passions – the aforementioned trivia and the oft mentioned on this blog animal rescue.

A young lady in the Pacific Northwest has started up a pair of websites – www.freekibble.com and www.freekibblekat.com where you can combine trivia and animal rescue.  Once per day you can play trivia at each site.  The questions are fun and breezy, and whether you answer the question correctly or not the site’s sponsors donate kibble that is distributed to animal shelters once a month.

Please check them out.  You can find them in my blogroll to the right, you can click on the address in the preceding paragraph, or you can use the buttons below.  In any case, what are you waiting for – go feed the animals!




Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, you were waiting for the answer to Dad’s trivial trivia question.  Has Dad reminded you lately that he played football at Western Michigan University while on a Latin scholarship?

It seems that in the old days, the Roman Empire communicated the news of the day by posting important notices at the intersection of two roads. Given the size of the road system in the Empire this required a lot of work to post everything at every intersection. To alleviate the problem, the powers that were in the Empire decided to post less important news only in the locations where three roads intersected. Got it yet?

Three = Tri
Road = Via

Trivia was the news that only got posted at the intersection of three roads!

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. So go play cat and dog trivia and feed the animals.


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