Be Careful What You Wish For

I’ve been amazed by how many people have stumbled upon my humble little blog.  It is a little bit scary how anybody with a free WordPress account can reach so many people.  But for all the people who have viewed my Random Musings, I have been a little disappointed in how few comments I have received.  Maybe that’s because I just can’t resist commenting on just about every blog post I read.  Even if it is to say nothing more than “thank you for writing that” I just can’t help myself.

But my recent post “The Surge” was a Success? changed that just a bit for me. While it isn’t my most popular post ever with 51 views (Jesus Christ was a Community Organizer and Pontius Pilate was a Governor has been viewed 207 times), it is the most commented on post I’ve ever written.

Which brings to mind the old adage “be careful what you wish for.”  The first two comments were intelligent, well thought out responses that added on to what I had written.  I was tickled pink.  Not only had people read what I had written, but they had thought about the topic and shared their thoughts with me and through my blog and I, with the on-line world.

And then came this marvelous little ditty from an anonymous source:

Your an idiot! Don’t be so literal about decimate jackass. Just b-cuz you were in Kuwate 20 years ago doesn’t mean that you now shit! If our vets say that they kicked the shit of al-kida then they did. If 2 of our best sentors say that we kicked the shit out of Iraq then we did. If they say the surge worked then who are you to say different. 2 of our best senators say it worked, who cares what an ignorant muslem community organizer says! Grow up and get with it!

Wow.  If that doesn’t bring cause for a pause, what does?  Now, I have my comments set to require moderation for first time posters.  So, my first thought was to simply delete this moron’s ravings and get on with life.  But since this was indeed cause for a pause, I paused and thought about it.  Nothing in this diatribe was going to reflect badly on me.  This knuckle-head can’t spell (or apparently even use a spell checker), can’t do arithmetic (2008 – 1995 = 13 years), and did not even understand (or at least address) the main point of my post.  And this is still America.  So I let it pass.

It simply amazes me that in this on-line realm, there are still people who don’t understand.  When all that exists for people to evaluate you by is your written word; and you write like a brain damaged gorilla, people are going to at best ignore you.  More realistically, they are going to determine that you are a knuckle-headed moron who is wasting bandwidth and oxygen.

So, thank you Mr./Miss Anonymous for the chuckle.

And then I received a wonderful response from Mr. Alex Peter Cwalinski. Mr. Cwalinski has previously served with the armed forces in Iraq and is on his second tour of Afghanistan. He has begun a very interesting blog on his time in Afghanistan. I heartily recommend checking it out here.

To save you the time looking up his comment, I’ve reproduced it here:

Great Blog! You have great insight, it seems almost better than the President himself. Having served in Iraq and at the moment in Afghanistan I would have to disagree with my fellow service member Mr. Quinlan.

I would never make such a bold statement as he, but I will say that it appears we are on a wild goose chase with the terrorists. First Afghanistan, than supposedly Iraq, and now Afghanistan again.

I will also say that the military is stretched too thin. The strongest military in the world shouldn’t have to recruit more people with criminal records or stop-loss a service members contract after they have served honorably.

If anything Vets For Freedom should be more concerned about those two issues instead of a bill that would make their party look good.

Thank you Mr. Cwalinski for your service, and for making my day.  And I hope that the folks at Vets for Freedom listen to your suggestions.


One comment on “Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. Zen Master Dod says:

    It amazes me that people still “demand” you think like they do, and revel in the anonymity of the internet since they’re too weak in person to make a point. If “growing up and getting with it” means I have to be like that person, then I would rather do neither. I like my spelling skills. Some people seem to forget that this is, indeed, the United States and it perfectly acceptable to have differing opinions and to disagree. That’s one of the many reasons I love this country. Maybe he or she would be more comfortable in a country where thinking is controlled by the ruling party, such as North Korea. Then he or she wouldn’t have to deal with all those pesky people who disagree.

    I’m not surprised, however, about your insight and how good these blog posts are. We had a lot of great conversations in our travels, so this is like a continuing version of those (only without the Steak N Shake!).

    Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading!

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