Strange Theology

Now I’m not much of a theologian, and I’ve never even played one on TV.  But sometimes I stumbled across a bit of religious philosophy that just makes my little brain hurt.

I’ve seen a few different people on the news lately who stayed put while Hurricane Ike tore through their area.  Thankfully, I suppose, they survived.  But the part that confuses me is when they get in front of a TV news camera and proclaim, usually with a bit of tearful joy, that God saved them from Ike.

God saved them from Ike.

The trials and tribulations of a major hurricane were nothing more than God’s way of testing their faith, or demonstrating His love of them, or something.  This confuses me.

Did God create Ike and send it their way to test them?  Did He send it to show his love for them?  Or was the storm the work of Satan or some evil force, and God decided that instead of weakening the storm He would just intervene and save those few good souls who prayed to Him for “Deliverance From Evil?”  Ouch!  This makes my head hurt.

Depending on whose statistics you read, the death toll from Ike stands somewhere north of 30 and that’s just in the good old U. S. of A.  Now for the sake of argument here, I’ll accept that those deaths in places like Cuba and Haiti don’t really count, since we all know that God loves Americans the Best.  But still, I’m not sure I get the deal here.  Were all of those dead in God’s Country evil, godless Obama supporters?

Why would God need to destroy all that property, put all of those lives in turmoil, and kill all of those Democrats just to show His love for, or test the faith of, His Chosen American Republican voters?

The First Presbyterian Church of Spring Lake

The First Presbyterian Church of Spring Lake

I’m confused.  The God that I was taught about way back when in Sunday School at the First Presbyterian Church of Spring Lake didn’t work like that.


I would certainly appreciate it if somebody in the know could share in the comments with me how this all works.  Because I am certainly baffled.


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