This Makes Me Angry

The obnoxious, self-righteous, whacko nut jobs at PETA (you know, the people who don’t think the blind should be allowed to have leader dogs) have a new publicity stunt.  They took out an ad in Dog Fancy magazine where they offer to send you a free “gift bag” for your new puppy.  What they are actually pushing is a body bag for the shelter dog killed in place of your puppy.  The Smartdogs blog covers the story here.

Now, you may say that it is hypocritical of me to be upset about this, given the DEAD DOG Game post that I wrote. But I feel that there is an important difference.  My post is exactly what it is advertised to be.  I didn’t try to fool you into hearing my message.  I came straight out and said it.  I put it in the title.  And no small child, excitedly expecting to get a free gift for his new puppy is going to be shocked by accidentally reading my blog.

This makes me angry, and I’d better stop here before I say something that the whacko nut job lawyers working for PETA can sue me over.


2 comments on “This Makes Me Angry

  1. Chappyreport says:

    I heard that that stage the animal abuse and hurt animals more than the people they claim hurt them. It is all a scam to make money

  2. Hi Jim,

    I caught your WordPress link on MyDogSpace when I went to a forum on PETA regarding their puppy body bag phone number (classy). And I liked your Dead Dog Game blog here. It’s true. Like you said, it’s not like a little kid or an old lady is going to accidentally not know what they are reading. Idiots. Anyhow, my husband’s name is Jim too and you can guess by the name Fitzgerald we LOVE Irish Setters, yet NEVER see them around here (Boston, MA) anymore like we used to. Not sure why.

    Anyhow stop by and bark on our page at Mydogspace anyday. Love your site!

    Sharon and the Shibas

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