Fostering Excitement

DANI at the shelter waiting for a ride to our house. 

DANI at the shelter waiting for a ride to our house.


It’s a big day here at la casa de Hall.  We got the word today that our first foster dog for Save Our Setters is on her way here.  We don’t know too much about her yet.  In fact, all that we know is that her name is DANI and that she is a young female Irish Setter currently residing at an animal shelter in Alabama.  That’s her picture there on the right.

Back when we lost our Golden Retriever HERCULES, Dad and I were in quite a tizzy.  The loss of HERCULES was quite painful, as he was such a special dog.  And we knew that SUE would be much happier with a furry playmate in the house, as she has far too much energy for a human being to burn off. We looked into adopting another dog right away, but the timing just didn’t feel right, we still needed time to morn HERCULES.

Over time Dad and I started talking about fostering. If you don’t know about the rescue/foster system here is a quick primer.  All across this country there are just way too many dogs languishing in shelters.  By and large, the folks operating the shelters do a heroic job.  They take in pretty much any animal that is brought to them and they do their very best to find forever homes for those poor animals.  But funds, space, and other resources are finite if not scarce.  And so, the shelters must make way for the next wave of the tsunami.  Unfortunately, the only way to make space for new dogs is to kill some of the previous wave.

Doing their best to fill the gap are a vast array of rescue organizations.  Often, but not always, they are centered around a specific breed or theme.  They are generally staffed by an army of volunteers (but they can always use more help).  Through various means, they locate dogs that meet their criteria for rescue.  These rescued dogs are put into foster homes where they escape their immediate death.  The foster home will make sure that the dog gets proper veterinary treatment, is taught some basic obedience skills, is socialized to people & other dogs, and most of all receives a huge dose of love.

Once the dog is cleared, the rescue organization will put the dog up for adoption.  Having seen so much of the horror that these dogs have already been through, the rescue organization generally has very strict criteria that perspective adopters must meet.  They work hard to make sure that when the dog is adopted that it goes to an appropriate forever home where it will be treated properly and treasured as a family pet.

Given Dad’s long history, over 70 years, with Irish Setters, we sought out an Irish Setter rescue organization.  After a lot of researching on our part we decided to go with Save Our Setters. Their reputation is outstanding, and the work that they do is nothing short of miraculous. For just one of their miracle stories check out the story of CLOUD a young Irish lad who recovered from a broken back and eventually learned to walk, run, and wag his tail again. I defy you not to weep just a little when you finally hit the first pictures of him standing up on his own.

We survived the background check process and were cleared to become a foster home.  And now, DANI is on her way here.  And we could not be any happier.

If for some reason you just can’t understand why we would foster, read the poem found here.


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