Sue’s Slideshow

I’m feeling pretty lazy tonight, so to occupy your time – here is a slideshow of SUE the World’s Sweetest One-Eyed Irish Setter.


5 comments on “Sue’s Slideshow

  1. […] a tizzy.  The loss of HERCULES was quite painful, as he was such a special dog.  And we knew that SUE would be much happier with a furry playmate in the house, as she has far too much energy for a […]

  2. […] a short nap on Dad’s lap we tried to introduce her to our 6-year-old one-eyed Irish Setter, SUE. In hindsight, we probably rushed the introduction, especially with all that DANNI had been through […]

  3. […] video of our Irish Setters here is some badly barely edited footage of the one-eyed wonder SUE locked in mortal combat with foster girl DANNI for possession of the world’s greatest prize – […]

  4. […] SUE will miss her little foster sister as well.   […]

  5. […] also wants very much to play with SUE.  SUE loves to play with people, and she is generally O.K. playing with dogs.  But her play mostly […]

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