Why MLB is more compassionate than Christianity

I wrote this many moons ago, back in December of ’05, just after I had moved in with Dad.  I was in a pretty dark place at the time, as may well be obvious from reading this.  I had originally put this on a myspace blog, and now I thought that I should put it over here just to have all of my random musings in one place.

So here it is, from December of 2005…


I probably shouldn’t publish this – especially this close to Christmas. Now I’m sure that Santa won’t be good to me. But with a little surgery scheduled for Wednesday I’ve been thinking. That’s usually not a safe thing. But then this thought occurred to me – Major League Baseball is more compassionate than Christianity.


Follow me on this one – MLB really has no responsibility for the old Negro League. But clearly MLB wouldn’t exist or be where it is without the contributions of those who struggled and survived in the Negro Leagues.


Similarly, Christianity has no responsibility for Judaism. But clearly the New Testament wouldn’t exist or be where it is without the contributions of those who struggled and survived in the Old Testament. 

Now I’m not really endorsing how long it took MLB to get their shit together, and I really don’t want to put MLB over. But, eventually, MLB decided to recognize the contributions of those from the Negro League and granted them pension benefits. So for their contributions, those Negro League stars who survived received recognition, glory, and retirement benefits from those who built on their accomplishments.


But, now this is where it gets tricky, Christianity has a different prospective on the Old Testament “stars” who built up Judaism until it was ripe for exploitation and evolution into Christianity.


The “retirement” benefit that Christians look forward to is admission to Heaven. And they are very clear that this can only be accomplished through Jesus Christ. However, the Old Testament stars did not know Christ and could not have sought salvation through him.


Christianity is also pretty clear that your choices are only eternal salvation (Heaven) or eternal damnation (Hell). Since those Old Testament stars missed out on the key to Heaven, that pretty much means that they are stuck with eternal damnation.


So the Negro League players who survived until MLB discovered a conscience got in on the retirement goodies. But the Old Testament stars get to fry for ever.


Doesn’t that suck? I mean come on really, Moses survives that reed basket gimmick, gets sent up to the mountain, has to carry those stone tablets with the 10 Commandments down and sell them to the faithful – and his reward is eternal damnation? That sucks! Noah puts up with the stench of all of those animals, and dumps his entire life savings into a boat that he only gets to use once before God strands it on the side of a mountain. And his reward? Fry Noah Fry! Eternal damnation for you. How about David? He puts it on the line and goes out to fight the biggest badass in the neighborhood. Maybe he should have turned on God and put Goliath over? He certainly had a better chance with Goliath’s religion than he did with his own. He’s still burning and he did what he was supposed to do and kicked the big dude’s ass! That’s a pretty shitty deal.


See – I probably shouldn’t have written this. Santa’s gonna think that I’ve been more “naughty” than “nice” and I’m not gonna get a good haul of loot for Christmas. And I’ll probably get stuck with that whole eternal damnation thing anyhow.


Oh well, I guess I’d better ask for all of you to put in a good word for me to get through my surgery on Wednesday.





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